Stop trying to make fetch happen.

I'm Kendra. My life consists of quoting Mean Girls, fixing cars, and eating crumbs out of my cleavage.

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i have some weird kinks but at least i dont wanna fuck some animated ponies

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i was looking at tumblr with the 11-year old daughter of my friend and a bunch of fatspo and fat babe ootd blogs came up on my dash and i noticed she was being super quiet and i look down and i swear to god, this precious girl is crying and when i asked her why she says ‘i didn’t…


those arent bags its reverse smokey eyes 

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Pro Tip:




When your girlfriend gets into the shower on cold winter mornings, put a clean towel in the dryer. When you hear the water turn off, grab the towel from the dryer and bring it to her. She’ll smile. Guaranteed. 

Little things, you guys. Little things. 

fucking this though.

^ this

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Miley & Lana blog!

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